Hello, I'm Ben Morrow. I recently joined Idle Games, San Francisco as a Senior Flash Developer. My past work includes cofounding constantcomedy.com and working on interactive TV projects in the UK

Current Projects

Senior Flash Engineer at Idle Games!

Idle Worship is a critcally acclaimed game in which players are the god of their own island in a multiplayer, synchronous, unsharded universe. I'm part of our expert and focused client team at Idle Games.

Open Source actionscript 3.0 xlsx Excel Spreadsheet Reader

Now available under an MIT license over at my github

Co-Organizing UX Eye for the Developer Guy

As part of a general commitment to put the user at the forefront of what I do, I am currently the co-organizer of a bay area meetup that brings User Experience professionals and coders together for a fast paced exchange of ideas and advice. Check us out on Meetup!.

Recently completed

Air Mozilla Platform and Content Development

I led the creation of innovative video content and the prototyping of new usage patterns for Mozilla’s open video projects. My contribution synchronising the efforts of multiple Mozilla projects to deliver groundbreaking new end user experiences using plugin-less video technologies. My work will be published shortly.

Secret Fortune Demo Platform (Adobe Air)

A system I built allowed producers to edit a gameshow's running order, parameters and question bank in the familiar Excel environment. Adobe Air thens load the excel files natively and runs through an interactive multimedia demo version of the gameshow based on the input running order. The system allows for rapid accurate refinement of the gameshow format in run-throughs with commisioning execs, test contestants, producers and designers. The system has also been used for contestant training for shows. The specification is highly modular and so can be used for future shows as well as other contexts where it is useful to interpret an excel file in flash. More...